YouTube Channels

I’ve been focusing on my YouTube channel, however I also have two other youtube channels that need to be uploaded on. I’m working on my style and my setup for both of my extra channels.

What I mean is I have a personal channel, and a gaming channel. Both of which are a spin off from my main channel, which is my family channel. Yes I’m a mother, and I also have hobbies. I don’t believe that women should be confined strictly to housework and such so I want to show every part of me. I’m not a very private person, but there are things that I do keep to myself. This blog for example I started for two reasons. One is I hate filling up a journal and having to buy a new one. Two I have mismanaged a journal to the point where it ultimately hurt me more than any good it did for me. I don’t want to hide things, and if I need to then there’s a place for it.

For my gaming channel I need to buy a webcam and a microphone, or ultimately just a webcam that I can use for my gaming channel.


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