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If I said the last 24 hours were like any other day I’d be lying. Usually, when stress enters my life, it’s for more than a few hours or a single situation. It’s always one thing, leading up to another thing. Let me tell you some information about why the last 24 hours has been full of chaos.

Monday night I only got 3 hours of sleep total. This wouldn’t be so bad, except Tuesday I had to get up to take my dog to the mobile PETA clinic to get her spayed. I also had to stay up because I had to pick her back up around 12:30. Not doing so would result in her being ‘abandoned’ and I’d lose her. She spent the entire evening whimpering and being too drugged to fend for herself.

Then the power went out.

Then we found out my dad got hospitalized due to pancreatitis. This lead to him being kept overnight, which evolved into a few days. One step at a time.

Then today we had an appointment for Liliana to get her tumor checked out.

After that, my friends came home from Mississippi to discover their cat had died due to a fall. The poor thing.

In my life, the first thing you’ll learn is that when stress starts, it avalanches until it’s entirely all in pieces on the floor. I’m left buried, and my family is left wondering if I’m alive and well.

I’ll be okay and all of this will blow over. I really don’t like when stress things start. It always feels like it never ends and I tend to come out of it with a few less friends than before.