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Bittersweet Memories

There comes a point when everything must either end or begin. Like meeting a friend, graduating high school, finishing your driving test; it can be anything.

Sometimes a goodbye is forever, and other times it’s not. For me, this isn’t forever. This isn’t even until I die or anything. This goodbye is simply goodbye for now, and I’ll see you again soon.

I’ve been here in Colorado Springs since February 4th and while the hello was a long time coming, and pretty amazing… the goodbye is bittersweet. I don’t really want to leave Colorado Springs, but at the same time, I really miss my boys. I really miss my life in Virginia too. I know I’ll move out here someday, but I can’t wait for that. For now, I’m going to pack up my bags, hug my best friend/sister goodbye, and I’ll head back to Virginia to my boys.

Liliana has been such a dream during our adventure out here, and I couldn’t have it any other way. She really is such an angel. I didn’t really have the mental capacity to compose myself enough to pull out my camera and vlog more. This daily vlogging deal that I want to start is a bit harder than I thought. Some people don’t want to be recorded, some locations don’t allow it (like stores oddly enough) and sometimes I just space. So it’s something I’m trying to come to terms with to handle better. Maybe I will, maybe not.

My time out here has been pretty incredible. I may not have gotten to see all of the things I wanted to see, but I know I’ll come out again. However, it doesn’t seem soon enough. The mountains are beautiful, and I won’t ever forget the view as I approached the Garden of the Gods. The mountains in the distance were like something you think you will never see in life. Like a 3D card, or a background wallpaper. It was beautiful and literally breathtaking.

Tami tells me it never gets old. I’m hoping that’s true because I need something like that. The view alone calms and relaxes me.

Well, until next time.