Not What I Expected

Today wasn’t at all what I expected. The original plan was to have some friends over, while I wait on my dad to get here. I thought he was 6 hours away, no. It’s 11 hours away. So he’ll be driving ALL day tomorrow (probably) and won’t be here until tomorrow night. So I had my friends over still.

Some of my friends were really late and didn’t stay long. It sucked, but it’s a school night and it’s not our usual plan. Tonights spread seemed to be more successful, though. Everyone went to town on the tacos I made, and most of the snack platter. Even some waters!

Lily is potty training now. I thought it would be easy but not as easy as I thought. She had about 3-4 accidents today alone. Not fun! She’s improving, though. Mason & Aidan are doing pretty good. Mason’s grade in reading has improved! From an F to a C. Aidan is struggling in the same areas, but he’s improving.

Aidan got bullied last week on the bus (some kids were calling him explicit names, sticking up the bad finger, and trying to steal his shoes off his feet), so I made a phone call to the school and left a message for the Assistant Principal. She got back to me the next morning and got all of my information. She also spoke with Mason and the kids responsible. The kids apologized to Aidan and have been leaving him alone. This was Aidan’s first real bullying. Mason has had a couple of encounters in the past, but a call to the school resolved the issue.

Anywho, now it’s Monday morning, and while I should be going to bed, I’m instead working on some stuff in the office. I have a lot to do and a lot to prepare for, and about 3 weeks to do it all. Which given the amount of stuff I have left to do, isn’t much time.


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