Baby Blankets

I don’t know if I’ve shared this, but my soul-sister is pregnant with her 3rd baby. She’s been really down on her luck lately and is struggling. I won’t overshare on her behalf, but I felt it would be pertinent info.

Because she’s been down on her luck, her pregnancy is the biggest light in her doom-and-gloom recent events. As such, I’ve been putting together an awesome gift for her. A diaper bag of new baby girl goodies!

One of the things I’ve been able to get my hands on, was a customizable baby blanket! Now, it wouldn’t be my first choice, but for the cost and shipping I couldn’t be bothered to look elsewhere. Not to mention, my sister is due in just 3 weeks!

Turns out, the blanket is a bit better than I’d thought. The quality isn’t too bad, but I was able to put my niece’s name on it! I’m sharing the link so you can check it out for yourself. I think it’s really great and I know my sister will love it!


Can’t Stop Thinking…

I’m laying in bed and it’s about 5am now. I’ve been up and laying in bed for a while. Things are pretty good in my life right now. And when I say pretty good. I really do mean it. 

I’ve been tired today. It doesn’t help that I took my sleep-aids a bit early. However I’ve had minimal sleep before and functioned fine. Now as I’m getting older I don’t bounce back from losing sleep like I used to. 

I’m laying here wondering how tomorrow is going to go. I’m babysitting a friends Little’s tomorrow so she can go on a date night with her husband. I’m looking forward to it but I’m dreading it too. Mainly because I’ve been feeling unmotivated recently. Partly because it’s Sunday. I know! Haha!

Anyway so as I was saying. I just can’t sleep. That and I have WordPress on my iPhone now so I can blog whenever I feel inspired. 

I’m going to try and sleep now. Love you all. 


If I said the last 24 hours were like any other day I’d be lying. Usually, when stress enters my life, it’s for more than a few hours or a single situation. It’s always one thing, leading up to another thing. Let me tell you some information about why the last 24 hours has been full of chaos.

Monday night I only got 3 hours of sleep total. This wouldn’t be so bad, except Tuesday I had to get up to take my dog to the mobile PETA clinic to get her spayed. I also had to stay up because I had to pick her back up around 12:30. Not doing so would result in her being ‘abandoned’ and I’d lose her. She spent the entire evening whimpering and being too drugged to fend for herself.

Then the power went out.

Then we found out my dad got hospitalized due to pancreatitis. This lead to him being kept overnight, which evolved into a few days. One step at a time.

Then today we had an appointment for Liliana to get her tumor checked out.

After that, my friends came home from Mississippi to discover their cat had died due to a fall. The poor thing.

In my life, the first thing you’ll learn is that when stress starts, it avalanches until it’s entirely all in pieces on the floor. I’m left buried, and my family is left wondering if I’m alive and well.

I’ll be okay and all of this will blow over. I really don’t like when stress things start. It always feels like it never ends and I tend to come out of it with a few less friends than before.

Computer Parts

I’m changing how I label my blog posts, so no more dates. The dates kind of already exist on each post. On to the blog!

I’m actually really excited. Ray and I have finally managed our Finances to the point where we could build me a new computer. Everyone I game with knows I need it. I have an Alienware M17x (2011) and I actually got Caps from Blizzard when I sent my laptop specs, and they said:

“Your wireless Network adapter is 5 YEARS OUT OF DATE!!!”

Haha. It’s a bad day when even big gaming companies are telling you you’re wrong. In my defense, I had just reloaded windows and everything on my laptop and I wasn’t finished installing and updating all of the drivers.

Anyway, I meant to build a new computer back in April, but it didn’t happen. Now we can build it, and it cost less than a pre-built gaming tower would cost. So I’m really excited for this new computer. I have one monitor so I will eventually need to look for a new one, especially since the colors on mine are off, and the monitor is probably older than my Alienware. I’d assume it’s about, 7 years old? I can use my keyboard and mouse, so I don’t need to worry about that either. I’m so excited, I just can’t express it enough.

I am working really hard on my vlogging channel on YouTube. I’ve actually seen an increase in subscribers which makes me pretty excited. I’d be shocked if I made it to just 200! Anything beyond that is just crazy.

I don’t want to make this blog post too long, so I’m going to end it here. I may post again today, I might not. Have a good one guys!

June 30, 2016

Today was probably the worst I’ve had in a while. Let me explain why.

So I’ve been on Effexor since May 17, and I didn’t like it at first, but as the time went on and I adjusted, I noticed my energy level dwindled. I was uninterested in the things I loved. I didn’t want to clean, do homework, or leave the house. I didn’t want to do anything but sleep. Now I’m out of this medication, and let me tell you… today was awful. Let me tell you about it.

So I woke up at 1:30… yes PM! We got up, got dressed, and headed out for the days task. We had decided to take the kids out to the grocery store with us while we restocked because everyone had been cooped in the house for the last week! We made a stop for lunch before getting groceries (let’s face it… It’s a bad idea to shop hungry!) and I think it was a bad idea. We’d been eating home cooked meals and drinking water. So the introduction to fast food and sugary beverages hurt all of us more than helped us. Ray didn’t feel good, Mason felt sick to his stomach, Aidan was dizzy, and me? I was light headed, disoriented, and dizzy the entire trip! Everyone ended up needing to do their business while at Walmart. It was pretty awful. We spent three hours at Walmart doing our shopping and restocking trip. All of which I spent dizzy and confused.

We had left, went to GameStop to get a game only to find out it was actually cheaper BRAND NEW at Walmart. So back we went. Finally getting home, I was clear enough to record a shopping haul vlog for my YouTube channel, and then after dinner my disorientation came rushing back. I’ve been sitting here for most of the night now, and as you can probably tell it’s technically July 1. It’s almost Four in the morning now.

Now I’m still needing to edit a vlog for YouTube, but I’m still dizzy. To make matters more annoying, during correspondence with my doctor about refilling my medication, my doctor decided to use the statement, “Your medication has been bridged until your appointment time”, and no one knows what she meant. So I had to send another message, which makes today (July 1) day three of trying to get my medication refilled. This is really annoying, and I hope that the message tomorrow will state that my medication has been refilled until the day of my appointment. I am just dizzy mostly… light headed, and dizzy. This isn’t a pleasant feeling. To be dizzy after spinning a chair can be closely compared to how dizzy I am. So go ahead and spin around until you’re dizzy and lightheaded, and then imagine feeling that way all. Day. Long. Yes, it’s a nightmare. So I am ending this blog, and I’m going to edit my Vlog so I can get some rest. Good night family!

June 12, 2016

I didn’t expect to get any response at all on previous blog posts, so first, thank you. It brightened my day after it had registered that the likes were on my blog. I couldn’t believe it at first though.

So last night I had thought that today was Father’s Day. So I made a plan, posted the plan on Facebook (Husband doesn’t use Facebook) and went to bed. I got up, and to be honest I wasn’t feeling too good (I had missed a dose of my medication and it made my body feel exhausted). I got up and took off for the store to get his breakfast, dinner, and Father’s Day gifts. Came back home, prepared the breakfast, and called my mom for some tips. At the end of the call, I told her to tell Jeff (Her boyfriend) Happy Father’s Day… and she said “Sweetie… Father’s Day is next weekend..” So I hung up as quick as I could, and as politely, and ran to the office to Ray, who confirmed it. Boy, did I feel stupid.

That’s one of those moments where I blame mommy brain. With the lack of sleep, and lack of energy, it’s possible I skipped a week, mentally.

So I asked Ray to help me finish breakfast, and to be honest, I don’t feel like the Johnson ground sausage is the right sausage to use for biscuits and gravy. There’s another that comes in a tube, and it’s flavor is much better for sausage gravy. I vlogged a little today, but I haven’t yet posted it. I did schedule one for tomorrow, so that’ll be up. It’s an older vlog, but the break was much needed. Now I’m getting back into vlogging and I am almost ready for the daily vlogs. It’s a work in progress, but I’m definitely getting closer. I just need some tips for the Canon G7X.

Now I’m procrastinating. I have a final due in my class, and it’s an online final. I’m not looking forward to it because of how many questions are on it, but I’ll do it. I want the outcome of doing these classes. So I need to work on it. I’m going to end this blog and I’ll enter again soon.


Thank you for taking the time to read this!