I got a call today about Aidan misbehaving on the bus. I was stunned silent for a moment. I was SO worried when she called and introduced herself as the Assistant Principal. My mind didn’t go to discipline. It went to them saying something wrong or doing something wrong but not misbehaving. Aidan got written up on the bus on Friday. He was using his backpack like a weapon and trying to hit the students on the bus in front of him. I got so angry.


While cleaning the living room I discovered a mostly empty bottle of vitamin C gummies hidden behind the television. I automatically assumed one of my boys did it. However it explains why Lili didn’t eat yesterday. She was having an upset tummy over her indulgence in Vitamin C. Which I’ve looked it up and most reports are about it being water soluble. Stating that it mostly comes out in the urine, but it can cause upset stomach and diarrhea. So it was her. The boys were fine and ate their meals yesterday. I even tried some trick question tactics, but Lili answered them all correctly. So it was her.

I feel like a good strong mom today. Most days I struggle with this, but not today. This referral situation has me hoping this is a one time thing, and isn’t a glimpse into the future. I hope this is the only one.


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