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July 31, 2016 – Nothing…

I never really gave it much thought, but figuring out what to do in my free time is always used minimally. It’s a toss up between browsing my Facebook timeline over and over, re-pinning new ways to do my house, watching repeated Hulu and Netflix streams, or being puzzled over which video game to play. I feel like I never use my free time wisely.

I’ve graduated from College and I received my certificate just Yesterday! It’s already been shared on Facebook, Framed, and is waiting for the perfect spot to be displayed. I didn’t buy a frame with a stand, just a frame with nail slots. I’ll buy a better one after I get a new job! I’m so excited and proud of myself for doing this. I feel like some of my local friends aren’t happy for me. I may want to host a Graduation party for myself because as much as I’d LOVE to celebrate, I feel like I should throw a party because it is a huge accomplishment. It’s a life changing accomplishment and it deserves recognition.

Mason, Aidan and Liliana have been spending their days rather averagely. What I mean by this is my sons spend their time wanting to watch Netflix, play video games, or watch TV. Liliana destroys the house. It’s been like this for a week and I as a mom, just want them to go outside. SO I picked up something that will help get them in the right direction. I’m going to be working on it over the next few days, and I hope it does what I need. I’ll be sharing it when I’m done, so just be patient. I’m trying to work on a lot… and procrastination is my biggest issue right now.

Well, until next time. I hope you enjoyed this read. 🙂


July 21, 2016 – Making Changes

I’m pretty proud of myself, to say the least. I’ve graduated from my college program I was in, and I’m free of the Student lifestyle for a while. I say for a while because that was just the beginning of my Student Life, and not even a huge bit. More like a tiny snowflake on Mount Everest. I’m going to be doing a lot more school work but this was a good start.

I’m in the process of changing things over to my YouTube e-mail address because I’ve made one to better fit my YouTube channels.

I had laid in bed for a few hours and I couldn’t sleep so I got up, and now I’m feeling tired so I may be ready to go back to bed. I apologize for the shortness of this blog post, but I wanted to post something since it’s been a while. I’m just so relieved to be done with school finally.

June 30, 2016

Today was probably the worst I’ve had in a while. Let me explain why.

So I’ve been on Effexor since May 17, and I didn’t like it at first, but as the time went on and I adjusted, I noticed my energy level dwindled. I was uninterested in the things I loved. I didn’t want to clean, do homework, or leave the house. I didn’t want to do anything but sleep. Now I’m out of this medication, and let me tell you… today was awful. Let me tell you about it.

So I woke up at 1:30… yes PM! We got up, got dressed, and headed out for the days task. We had decided to take the kids out to the grocery store with us while we restocked because everyone had been cooped in the house for the last week! We made a stop for lunch before getting groceries (let’s face it… It’s a bad idea to shop hungry!) and I think it was a bad idea. We’d been eating home cooked meals and drinking water. So the introduction to fast food and sugary beverages hurt all of us more than helped us. Ray didn’t feel good, Mason felt sick to his stomach, Aidan was dizzy, and me? I was light headed, disoriented, and dizzy the entire trip! Everyone ended up needing to do their business while at Walmart. It was pretty awful. We spent three hours at Walmart doing our shopping and restocking trip. All of which I spent dizzy and confused.

We had left, went to GameStop to get a game only to find out it was actually cheaper BRAND NEW at Walmart. So back we went. Finally getting home, I was clear enough to record a shopping haul vlog for my YouTube channel, and then after dinner my disorientation came rushing back. I’ve been sitting here for most of the night now, and as you can probably tell it’s technically July 1. It’s almost Four in the morning now.

Now I’m still needing to edit a vlog for YouTube, but I’m still dizzy. To make matters more annoying, during correspondence with my doctor about refilling my medication, my doctor decided to use the statement, “Your medication has been bridged until your appointment time”, and no one knows what she meant. So I had to send another message, which makes today (July 1) day three of trying to get my medication refilled. This is really annoying, and I hope that the message tomorrow will state that my medication has been refilled until the day of my appointment. I am just dizzy mostly… light headed, and dizzy. This isn’t a pleasant feeling. To be dizzy after spinning a chair can be closely compared to how dizzy I am. So go ahead and spin around until you’re dizzy and lightheaded, and then imagine feeling that way all. Day. Long. Yes, it’s a nightmare. So I am ending this blog, and I’m going to edit my Vlog so I can get some rest. Good night family!