Archive | November 2016

A New Journey

I haven’t posted this on YouTube yet, so for those of you who follow me on here and over there, here’s a little bit of a Sneak Peek if you will.

Today I had my first Team Meeting in Realty. I’ve been selected to become part of a Team of a Realty Company and I couldn’t be happier. For the longest time, I’ve avoided this whole idea, but I’ve finally been inspired into starting and I really couldn’t be happier that I did. I am already loving it and I’m all too eager to begin. It’s hard to believe that this opportunity opened within a month of the decision to pursue it. I am looking forward to learning the ropes and being the best version of myself, with an amazing career!

My kids are happy for me too. I believe that everyone I’ve told about it is Genuinely happy about it for me. This is something I really need to vlog and put up because this is worth remembering!


Can’t Stop Thinking…

I’m laying in bed and it’s about 5am now. I’ve been up and laying in bed for a while. Things are pretty good in my life right now. And when I say pretty good. I really do mean it. 

I’ve been tired today. It doesn’t help that I took my sleep-aids a bit early. However I’ve had minimal sleep before and functioned fine. Now as I’m getting older I don’t bounce back from losing sleep like I used to. 

I’m laying here wondering how tomorrow is going to go. I’m babysitting a friends Little’s tomorrow so she can go on a date night with her husband. I’m looking forward to it but I’m dreading it too. Mainly because I’ve been feeling unmotivated recently. Partly because it’s Sunday. I know! Haha!

Anyway so as I was saying. I just can’t sleep. That and I have WordPress on my iPhone now so I can blog whenever I feel inspired. 

I’m going to try and sleep now. Love you all.